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The springs of Korytnica mineral water rise in Low Tatras National Park at 850 meters above sea level. Not long ago, the settlement of Korytnica, originally named Medokýš, was also known as a popular spa resort. In 1768, the prefect Anton Pongrác submitted a proposal at the Royal Chamber for an expert analysis of the curative power of Korytnica springs. 14 years later an official proposal for the exploitation of their curative properties was submitted. However, the Hungarian magnates had fancied the water already in the 17th century.

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The company AMOS-SERVICES s.r.o. has its seat directly in the settlement of Korytnica which is located in Low Tatras, approximately 5 km under the settlement of Donovaly in the direction of the town of Ružomberok. The settlement of Korytnica belongs to the cadastral territory of Liptovská osada in the district of Ružomberok.

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