KORYTNICKÁ – Baby Spring Water

A drinking regime is an essential part of a healthy baby diet. One of the suitable alternatives in a baby’s drinking regime, besides mother’s milk and teas, is low-mineralized spring water. Spring water and baby food prepared with spring water are recommended also by experts on baby diet.

Baby Spring Water contains minerals that are important for the healthy development of babies:

  • Calcium - encourages tooth and bone formation and its sufficient intake in childhood reduces the risk of osteoporosis in adulthood. It takes part in the heart rhythm regulation, muscle tissue activity, hormone metabolism and other important processes of human body.
  • Magnesium – similarly to calcium, it is important for the healthy growth of teeth and bones and in many other areas and is one of the prevailing elements in the body in quantity as well as in quality.

Korytnická Baby Spring Water is obtained from the springs rising at 1215 m above sea level under Prašivá massif in Low Tatras National Park. Its neglactable nitrates content and stabilization with carbon dioxide make it safe also for babies. We recommend you to remove carbon dioxide before use by boiling.



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