KORYTNICA – Natural Curative Water

Prevention, Preventive Effects

Its high iron content along with the lowest, almost neglectable salt content distinguish it from other mineral springs in Slovakia.

Only 4 other springs in Europe possess similar composition (Karlovy Vary, Monte Casino, Bath and Vichy). Unlike most of the other mineral waters, its composition makes this natural water suitable also for people with high blood pressure.


For the presence of iron, an essential part of hemoglobin, natural curative water is strongly recommended to women whose body loses it naturally in higher quantity than men‘s, as well as for everyone exposed to high physical burden.

Women have a higher necessity of this mineral intake especially during their menstruation, pregnancy and after giving birth. Deficit symptoms are often hardly apparent but can be manifested in want of appetite, fatigue and sensibility to infections. Its sufficient quantity in organism is demonstrated in overall well-being and good immunity.

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