Interesting Facts

The legend of Korytnica

“Once at the end of summer, a shepherd noticed that there was something wrong with the sheep. They stopped grazing and were just standing around with their heads down. It was awful just to look at them. The shepherd got scared when he thought of the owner. What would he say if something happened to his sheep? He didn’t lose time and drove the sheep to the pen. The sheep laid down immediately and when the shepherd came back an hour later, ten had already died.”

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Water and Your Body

Water is extremely important for our body, also for the fact that it constitutes two thirds of the human body where it fulfils numerous important functions. It contributes to our well being, influences the overall hydration which reflects in a positive way not only on our skin but on the overall energy level, mental alertness and helps prevent many illnesses.

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Don’t know which is which?

The exact denomination of the individual types of water is settled by the Law on Foodstuff. However, people often have difficulties in knowing the differences between the individual waters, that is why we bring you at least some basic information that will help you find a water suiting your needs.

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