The Legend of the Effects of Korytnica Water

„Once at the end of summer, a shepherd noticed that there was something wrong with the sheep. They stopped grazing and were just standing around with their heads down. It was awful just to look at them. The shepherd got scared when he thought of the owner. What would he say if something happened to his sheep? He didn’t lose time and drove the sheep to the pen. The sheep laid down immediately and when the shepherd came back an hour later, ten had already died. They must have eaten some bad plants, the shepherd thought. I must help the others somehow, master mustn’t know or I’ll be in trouble. He was sorry for the sheep and afraid of his master at the same time. What could he do? He called the drover, they let the sheep out of the pen and drove them around the meadows so as to bring them relief this way. The dogs helped them as well. At the dawn the shepherd and the drover were too tired to continue driving the sheep and when they stopped, they saw that the animals crowded around some well. The sheep kept on drinking, nicely taking turns by the water. Well, whatever, just let them drink, it can’t get any worse, the shepherd thought. And not long after, even the saddest sheep started bleating joyfully. And then went back to the well and went on drinking. And when they had enough, they went to the pen by themselves. In the morning they were all fresh and healthy. The shepherd thought it strange and so he kept on observing the animals. And it was strange, indeed, as the sheep would stop by the well every evening and drink greedily. Not one of them would get ill again and the shepherd would pass by the well every evening on the way to the pen.

Some time after, the shepherd got seriously ill. His stomach hurt, he thought his guts would explode. They would apply herbal compresses, prepare him teas but the pain grew stronger and stronger. When the desperate shepherd could not take it anymore, he got out of the bed and went up the meadow toward the sheep’s well. He took a good sip, then laid down in the soft grass, and drank again. The pain started disappearing. So he kept on drinking from the well and got completely fit, feeling like reborn. He came back to his family and told everyone about the magical power of the sheep’s well on the meadow. From then on its water became magical curative water against internal pains. The shepherds deepened the well, cleaned it, panelled it with wood and had it in great consideration. Its legend travelled far and the suffering have come to it to seek relief ever since.“