KORYTNICA – Natural Mineral Water

A unique, genuinely natural mineral water with a low sodium content and a refreshing taste.

Korytnica – Natural Mineral Water is exceptional for its composition, having a balanced ratio of vitally important minerals, calcium and magnesium, a low sodium content and a delicious taste at the same time. It is its refreshing taste and extremely low sodium content that make this mineral water one of the few suitable for everyday drinking.

We recommend drinking of Korytnica mineral waters also during sport activities as this is when the body reduces minerals and important trace elements in higher amount than usual. Mineral waters substitute these loses in the most natural way.

You can choose from our rich offer of mineral waters depending on your taste and habits:

  • Sparkling
  • Lightly Sparkling
  • Grapefruit Flavoured
  • Orange Flavoured
  • Lemon Flavoured

Thanks to natural syrups added, flavoured mineral waters have a very natural taste.

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