The exact denomination of the individual types of water is settled by the Law on Foodstuff. However, people often have difficulties in knowing the differences between the individual waters, that is why we bring you at least some basic information that will help you find a water suiting your needs.

CURATIVE WATER = Natural water, unique in its content of a high proportion of special substances, in case of Korytnica of iron (Fe), remains naturally pure.

Natural Curative Water

MINERAL WATER = Water enriched with minerals, filled directly from the spring stated on the label, remains naturally pure and apart from preventive positive effects on health, it is suitable for keeping to the drinking regime.

Natural Mineral Water

SPRING WATER = Filled from the spring but unlike the above mentioned, poor in minerals.

Non-Sparkling Spring Water, Baby Spring Water

TABLE WATER = Artificially produced water (not found in the portfolio of AMOS-SERVICES s.r.o.)

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